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Ultrasound Arthroscopy of Hip in Treatment of Osteochondritis Dissecans

An ultrasound arthroscopy (UA) technique is a promising tool for the evaluation of the articular cartilage during arthroscopic examination. However, the applicability of UA for the evaluation of the hip joint is unknown. We describe a UA assessment of a patient with osteochondritis dissecans at the femoral head. An ultrasound catheter designed for intravascular imaging was inserted into the hip joint by use of conventional arthroscopic portals, and the cartilage surfaces of the femoral head and acetabulum were investigated with ultrasound. UA provided essential quantitative information on the integrity of the articular cartilage and the condition of the subchondral plate not assessable with conventional arthroscopy. Furthermore, the UA technique provided the possibility to monitor arthroscopy-assisted retrograde drilling and bone transplantation in the hip joint.